Concept Pa, settled in Barcelona, is one of the European leading companies in high hydrated part baked dough’s. We develop and produce a wide and high quality range of high hydrated part baked bread for small restaurants and also taylor made products for the large bigger companies.

Our primary aim is to provide you with the highest and consistent product quality so that your customers can always be satisfied.

We are currently looking for distributors or importers from countries in and outside Europe. We are looking for companies who are currently working with part baked dough’s and are interested in offering our products and improving their actual benefits. We are sure we can offer a very competitive and high quality product.
We are, as well, capable of doing high value customized products for the large industry that completely fits their needs. We have a deep understanding about the process of high hydrated bread without stress production which can become your best value.

Concept Pa is continually working on new products and investing on R&D for helping you ,…. Combined with your knowledge of the market and skill, together we can achieve growth, now and in the future.
Concept Pa: your business partner for high hydrated part baked bread as well as a supplier of ideas and provider of solutions for all your commercial challenges.

Please, let us know in the form above whether you would be interested in working with us.

Thank you for your time,

We hope to make business with you soon,

Concept Pa Export Team



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