As the result of an effort of 20 years’ worth of research, at Concept Pa we want to offer you the next step in the evolution of a basic food staple in all culinary cultures. Thanks to the fusion of advanced technology and the most artisanal processes we have managed to produce a type of bread with a very special character: CRYSTAL BREAD® and DIAMOND CRYSTAL BREAD®.

The definition of CRYSTAL BREAD® comes from the extraordinary crunchy texture of its crust and the lightness of its crumb, which is almost nonexistent and makes it an almost totally translucent product.
Precooked and frozen at -19ºC, it requires only between 5 to 8 minutes to prepare, bake, and serve on the table, depending on the temperature used.

Though we have a wide array of specialties in this category, we make two types of bread, two types of texture, and two intensities of flavor.

Our rigorous quality control and our great production capacity ensure daily distribution to any part of the country.

Let your customers discover it and it will become a Premium product in your gastronomic offer.